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24 Jun

Pictures from the week of printing


alive as a dodo

24 Jun

I have met a living dodo bird

there’s no longer a need for your old bones

-alice virginia-

oh men

24 Jun

Among life’s Josephines, there is the Josephine who Napoleon divorced out of a desperate need to produce blood offspring. Then, she turned to gardening & botany while Napoleon died saying Josephine with his last breath.

–elisabeth sowecke

This poem is dedicated to those who honor their true desire and harm none.

24 Jun

swoon in waves shake

the air blend in

with lilacs, the blooming

dogwood tree

there is so much love

in this


–ariella ruth


Lots of love from the Harry Smith Print Shop!

24 Jun

sat in lotus   on mat

& realized i’m not so


by purples


in time the refrain

shrouds luna (hello, moon)

open orange azalea   this

green earth

makes me cry   she’s



–meghan schardt


thanks very kindly for reading; peace & light to all you good people!


24 Jun

the same words

translated into language

it is something like this:

there is no limit

to the number of times

we invented alphabets

–John Paul Calavitta

this poem is about (if poems can be about something) the relationship between living cities: cities that are thriving, innovative, supported, appreciated, and eco-beautiful, such as Portland, Seattle, Boulder, or Anne Arbor, & those dead cities that are depressed, over loaded, run-down,  abandoned & divided, such as Cleveland, New Orleans, Jacksonville, or LA.  


Meanwhile I am still

24 Jun

hating Emily Dickinson like the feeling I will one day house a tape

worm or a child.


Claire Dougherty